Our company was established in the Yıldırım district of Bursa in accordance with CC Holding; It serves in large indoor areas. It is one of the most experienced companies of the sector. CC Holding has started to produce and manufacture foldable containers for all sectors of the building industry by combining the experience and knowledge of the Chairman of the Board Cevher Cenkçi in building, information, textile, cosmetics and construction sectors for many years with high technology and experienced AR-GE team.


It aims to expand its investments and services in foreign countries as well. In this context, it has the power and knowledge to fulfill its foreign services. Since the day it was founded, our company, which gives great importance to AR-GE activities, aims to provide environment friendly and safe services. Implementing living areas called the Foldable Life Container and in these living areas serving the citizens in the disaster area are the some goals of our company.


Our aim as a company is to provide a much more hygienic and safe environment than tent cities in areas established with foldable life containers to the citizen who has expreienced natural disasters such as earthquakes, fire, floods and wars.